Art Basel Miami Beach

Upon my arrival to sunny, warm, and humid Miami Beach, Florida from the cold and brewing winter that was about to befall New York City, I had prepared an enjoyable and busy week-long itinerary that was to be filled with the world’s leading modern and contemporary artworks in mind. That is, right after American Thanksgiving, Miami Beach hosts its annual Art Basel, a week long art fair that draws in more than 70,000 visitors and attendees from all around the world. The hopes of great sales and exposure, shedding light on renowned, up-and-coming, and undiscovered artists and their works from across the globe, are kept in mind with gallerists as they participate.


Art Basel Miami Beach has expanded since its initial and humble beginnings in 2002. It has become a larger than life center for dozens of satellite fairs, Art Basel aside, networking opportunities, and, well, parties.


Between the stuffiness and overcrowding of the Art Basel fair, itself, in the city’s convention center, many smaller galleries make sure to kept their distance, exhibiting works in alternate locations and spaces. These are the galleries and fairs that seem to peak interest every year. Generally speaking, Miami Art Basel proper tends to include galleries whom have on their roster Blue Chip Artists, well recognized and established figures in the art market, and names you would instantly recognize. These smaller satellite fairs and galleries that put together exhibitions for Miami’s Art Week, tend to be favorable and much more preferred.

Since I am a graduate student, and I was traveling with my classmates, the itinerary I held was expansive and academic. However, I made sure to keep in mind the approaching opening of Patricia Field’s ART/FASHION exhibition in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, Florida.

Award-Winning Costumer Patricia Field, who’s name many directly associate with the hit show Sex and the City and movie The Devil Wears Prada, had organized and curated an exhibition of unique and exciting clothing and accessories designed with a variety of different artists. Interested in revitalizing fashion from the mundane and fast-paced mass production where it seems to stand today, Pat collaborated with artists on one-of-a-kind pieces designed by names such as Scooter LaForge, Suzan Pit, and Kyle Brincefield.


These works remind us of the collaborations Patricia Field had worked on with Keith Haring years ago, selling painted t-shirts in her famous 8th Street shop. Pat, who was friends with Keith, and also a collector of Haring works, will be exhibiting her collection of artworks in the coming months at the Nakamura Keith Haring Collection.

Aside from Pat’s love to redefine and reinvigorate fashion, her love for art, which go hand in hand, was to be displayed as well. Artworks by artists, including, Tom Knight (aka Tom Fashions), Richard Alvarez, Tina Paul, Scooter Laforge, Edward Mapplethorpe, Ben Cooperwheat, Iris Bonner, Jody Morlock, and Kevin Mchugh, were to be included in the ART/FASHION show.

After a long day being shuttled left and right with my classmates, from one art fair to another, oversaturated with artworks upon artworks, I was ready for vibrancy, excitement, and fun. Eventually, I found myself in the elevator going up to the Penthouse at the Ten Museum Park building near Biscayne Blvd to attend the cocktail party and exciting launch of Pat’s show that was to open the following day!





Hosted by Vasek & Filip, and musical performances by musicians Alek Sandar and Coby Koehl, I was excited to see what was in store for us all the following day.

Tired from the night before, I pushed on through yet another series of art fairs with my classmates with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning for the launch of ART/FASHION later that evening.

Upon my arrival to White Dot Gallery in Wynwood, I was surrounded by many New Yorkers of whom I recognized, as well as many other beautiful and eccentric individuals with a love and flare for art and fashion.


Walking through the gallery, the narrative both Patricia Field and the curating team put together reflected both the materials used in the garments with artworks that best represented that respective artist. Scooter’s painted garments were hung across from his paintings on canvas, and floating overhead were vibrant and mosaic-like sculptural works by Kevin Mchugh.




After a few moments of mingling, and a DJ set by Lady Bunny, the runway show commenced!








Patricia’s ART/FASHION exhibition was a successful blending of ideas, histories, and places. The feel of New York City’s eccentric lifestyle within the context of Miami’s now growing art culture worked seamlessly to portray a unity between creativity, style, and yes, art.

John Zinonos
New York City

by staff | 2017年1月15日  | スタッフ日誌