The 6th Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest :Prize winning works

The 6th Nakamura Keith Haring Collection International Children’s Drawing Contest
Award Ceremony was held in November 23rd, 2014.

The brilliant prize winning works are as follows:

【Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture Award】

P001.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Erisa Yoshida
【Title】Dream World
【Judge comments】
Pastel colors giving a soft impression. The brilliant composition by using limited motifs.

A020.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Winner】Nana Otaki
【Title】My Place
【Judge comments】
The colorfully expressed dream world looks fun. Are you flying with your favorite animals?

T001.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】Yuki Nakazawa
【Title】My Castle
【Judge comments】
The yellow lines are very brilliant and impressive. Create original painting using UFO, figures, castles and aliens mixed with the language.

【Julia Award】

P156.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Judge comments】
Great use of color, movement and decisions they made on content.

A138.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Judge comments】
Great use of color, movement and decisions they made on content.

T191.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Title】When Imagination Meets Reality【Judge comments】
Great use of color, movement and decisions they made on content.

【Patricia Field Award】

P143.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】LAU KIN GI
【Title】We all live under Peace
【Judge comments】
The Artist displays an amazing dexterity of craft, equaled by the intellectual observation of message. I found it surprising that a person of such a young age could achieve that level of accomplishment and imagination such as his piece entails..

A091.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Judge comments】
The choice of color in this painting is very strong. The preciseness and choice of the figures represented show a position and understanding of the zeitgeist of today's world & culture. Artistic technique is also very well achieved

T133.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Judge comments】
I am impressed with the artistic capability and find the imaginative underwater world quite fascinating. Particularly, in both the figurative and color representations.

【LOVE & PEACE Award】

P119.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Ohki Watanabe
【Title】After the rain
【Judge comments】
I can’t believe that this wonderful abstract painting is made by 6 year old. Complicated colors, depth, delicate details, and rhythmical lines…! Impressive.

A051.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Winner】Shigetoshi Naito
【Title】My Private Ground
【Judge comments】
Interesting vision of the ground from the top. Roughly shape and colors show your aesthetical sense. I cannot readily do it in this way. The lines looks dynamic at a glance but there is some sensibility. Splendid!

T082.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】Takeru Mochizuki
【Title】My Dwelling
【Judge comments】
Looks like Matisse!! How good you are! Using minimum lines and colors but depict images very clearly. Draw the relaxing scene very well. Very good composition. Amazing..

【TOKYO FM Award】

P032.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Soma Fujito
【Title】Unknown, comfortable place【Judge comments】
Provocative work. The very red ball brings very strong and pure vitality.

A093.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Title】From the East
【Judge comments】
This work projects infinity expansion of self and yet profound contents and subtle mind. The colors are even refined and philosophic.

T082.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】Takeru Mochizuki
【Title】My Dwelling
【Judge comments】
My place=loneliness. There is a typical adolescence loneliness, innocence and flexibility. Thoughtful expression is also well drew.

【good aging yells.賞】

P033.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Soma Fujito
【Title】The Shining Stage
【Judge comments】
I could easily imagine from this painting that many different unique people are creating the place where allows you to shine together.

A063.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Winner】Mana Shimizu
【Title】I am on the bed
【Judge comments】
Glimpsed its joy of reading that could jump into own world at the most comfortable time , place and position.

T057.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】Takuto Mukoyama
【Title】My bed mats
【Judge comments】
As if, vast prairie and sky could take away the sad thing and the painful thing. There is a strange world; pillows or bed or blanket like clouds are floating freely.

【The Kofu Chamber of Commerce & Industry Award】

P015.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Uiko Mori
【Title】Smell of mother’s underarm.
【Judge comments】
The dynamic composition with the arm surrounding the work and yourself in the middle. Holding by the big-hearted mother’s arm feels so comfortable. Mom’s underarm smell is the unique view point.

A071.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Winner】Yuki Sasaki
【Judge comments】
Although the theme is spectacular, the blush strokes are calm and beautiful. The sun, the horizon and mother earth drawing the relationship with the nature is remarkable.

よこ T104.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】Fumiya Yokomori
【Title】My favorite place
【Judge comments】
Colorful background creates movement. The succor ball is depicted vigorously. Expressing the moment of good feeling of playing favorite sports.

【Kobuchizawa Art Village Award】

P147.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】KO LOK YI
【Judge comments】
The lines without hesitation are very attractive. The composition and colors are charming, too.

A107.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Judge comments】
The working place drew happily by child’s glance.

T179.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Judge comments】
The unique vision of "My Place"show's a spactially descriptive layout of furniture linking the set up of daily life.

【Art Critic Award】

P029.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Riki Watanabe
【Title】Strange Dream
【Judge comments】
Full of stories from daily life in black and white like “Blue Print Drawings “ by Keith Haring is also remarkable!

A094.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Judge comments】
Wonderful representation of your fantasy world. The eye in the center is watching the inner world. Beautiful.

T047.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】Saki Matsudo
【Judge comments】
This work by soft watercolor is showing delicate feelings very well. Showing back of the female student, the face behind the umbrella and the pink heart like organic thing in the middle…very challenging representation.

【Audience Award】
P033.gifDivision of 4 to 8
【Winner】Soma Fujito
【Title】The Shining Stage
【Judge comments】
The happiness of the shining stage and the audiences come straightforward to me. It is good that the audiences have different expressions.

A085.gifDivision of 9 to 12
【Judge comments】
This work seems as if Basquiat’s .The base color is very beautiful!
All of the preparation is in order. Relaxing!

T172.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Judge comments】
Conveying the chaotic and livery market atmosphere. The people at the corner are marvelous and realistic as snap shots.

【Special Award】
T169.gifDivision of 13 to 17
【Winner】MA ON KI
【Judge comments】
The message of this piece is very strong, as it shows the opposing dichotomy of the current cultural experience in a well achieved art form. It strongly and artistically achieves a clear point of view.

※ You can see those works at Nakamura Keith Haring Collection from November 22nd to 30th.

Special Thanks to Keith Haring Foundation
Support from Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture Board of Education, Hokuto City, Hokuto City Board of Education, The Kofu Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Yamanashi NICHINICHI SHIMBUN, Yamanashi Broadcasting System Inc., FM FUJI, YATSUGATAKE journal, FM YATSUGATAKE

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